Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lightning Strike Dash Preview Video

We have a short gameplay video for our new game: vimeo
The game is kinda like a Harmonix game meets futuristic racer. I sure hope no one has already made a game like this. Not having an internet connection makes it kinda hard to know what else is out there.

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A little about us: We got started about 7 years ago with the free game making utility, Game Maker, putting together prototypes (l.e. game projects we started then soon gave up on.) Tim does game design, hammering out the game's core features and levels. Orion is the artist and does some programing so that all the little sprites can move around (This isn't as easy as it sounds.) "Climb" is our first big title (it's also a long title,) and was a indiePub contest winner as well as a Indie challenge finalist. Recently we've been creating smaller projects like RockDude and Lightning Strike Dash, which have been slightly more manageable for us. All of our games are available for free at